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Please note that the Court Booking system is now done through CourtReserve. A new profile will be necessary.  Click the link below to be redirected to the new page.

Court Booking Policy

Court bookings are not permitted in an advance of more than a week. If you wish to reserve a court for the same time the following week please wait until after you have played. Moreover, please only book one hour if you are playing singles and two hours if you are playing doubles.

IMPORTANT:  ALL PLAYERS (both players for Singles or all 4 for doubles) MUST be recorded when booking a court.

With our new CourtReserve system now up and running, there are a few things to keep in mind when using the Booking System.



Out of Town Visitors and Guests of Members can pay a Guest Fee of $20. We encourage membership; the Guest Fee privilege is intended to be used responsibly.  Members are responsible to see that their guest fee is submitted. This can be done online. 


The Booking Module

A booking for singles (2 names on the booking) can only be for 1 hour. 

A booking for doubles (4 names on the booking) can be for 2 hours.  

The member making the booking must add the names of all players. This can be done by clicking on the arrow to the far right of the words Search for Player(s) after typing part of their name.   

Thank you for adhering to these rules. We have been able to fix problems as they occur. If you are experiencing issues booking courts, please contact us at

We Use Court Reserve

Using CourtReserve, members have exclusive access to court reservations, notifications, event sign-up, membership renewals, payments, a member directory and more.  And all of this is available through a browser based Member Portal or the CourtReserve app.  

​Click the link to go to our Member Portal

Learn About CourtReserve

We think the tools and features of CourtReserve can easily be learned by trying them on the Member Portal and the CourtReserve app.  In addition, CourtReserve has posted a number of instructional videos to YouTube.  Check some out and explore others once there.

Member Training Overview

Make a Reservation and Register For An Event

The CourtReserve App

To reserve time, sign-up for clinics, and have full access to Court Reserve in an even easier format, please download the Court Reserve mobile app!

If you have any further issues using the Court Reserve system click the button below